It was unbelievably beautiful on Mother's Day. My heart was bitter, but at least the sun was warm. I took a long stroll in Discovery Park. I was taken aback once again to find such a gem in the middle of the city. This made me realize, "yes, this is why I came here." The blue of the ocean mirrored the blue of the sky. Patches of sand, pieces of wood debris, the salt in the air, enough green to fill eyes, the colors of spring--everything was picture perfect. 5/10/20
Quarantine life means more plant time. 식물은 사랑을 주면 줄수록 잘 자란다. 매일 아침인사를 나누고 향을 맏고 물을 주면서 살피면 비로소 하루를 시작한다. 수선화는 해처럼 금색을 띄우고 열흘전에 뿌린 토마토 씨앗은 뿌리를 내려 하루가 다르게 쑥쑥 커가고 있다. 조만간 이 아이들은 계란판에 가두기엔 크게 성장하겠지. 그리고... 하양아... 너의 진짜 이름은 뭐니? 4/21/20
Some cousins and I went down to Los Angeles for a wedding in late February 2020. It was a beautiful Sunday, and we were on the streets of Glendale, CA where two-colored camellias were in full bloom and lemon trees were bearing fruits already. The streets were quiet with not too many cars rushing by. It was Sunday, after all.  Stephen, Vivian, Susan and I enjoyed the sunny day out in Los Angeles. Our day started off wonderfully with Republique, a must-go brunch place in LA. We took a trip down to the original farmers market and the Grove, where a band was blowing their horns to celebrate Mardi Gras. 2/23/20
I live quite near Green Lake in north Seattle. I would pop in some moody music, hang my camera over my neck, and head out to take a long walk around the lake. In late afternoons, I spot a lot of kids playing baseball at the court. Sometimes, I just stop by to watch a few dunks they, almost every time, miss. Same route, but different each time. 2/17/20
When you live in Seattle, you don't visit the fish market all that often. But when you do, you always run into a different scene, different people, different mood. 2/10/20
Ta-tatata-tata-tatatatata-ta! What a lucky day to be around Chinatown. To celebrate Chinese New Year, these performers would visit individual restaurants and shops to bless the place for good fortune in business. A small truck travels around with two lions, where teenagers would play the drums and a gong. The two lions dance to the beat,  inside and outside of the business. They throw firecrackers in front of the entrance and ta-tatata-ta! Crackle, explode, repeat! They hang a cabbage by the awning or on the entrance door, which the lions grab and rip it apart to finish the ritual. This can't be good for the environment with all the litter on the ground and the explosive smoke released in the air. 1/26/20
"Don't forget your dollar change, miss. Happy New Year!" says the man behind the stand, reaching over the mound of apples and tomatoes. Christmas is over, and the market is bustling with people in the fish market. The holiday isn't over until the New Years! 12/29/19
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