Written by Meme García // Directed by Wiley Basho Gorn // Sound design by Meghan Roche

Five years after their papi Luis’ disappearance, sisters Rina and Amelia prepare to celebrate Mom’s marriage to their new Stepdad. But when Amelia tells her sister of the mysterious voice and shadowy figure she saw in the attic last night it’s clear that not all in this house is as it seems. Now, Rina and Amelia must protect their own minds and hearts while navigating the lies and truths which cloud their family’s history and threaten to drown them all. house of sueños is a gripping and magically poetic family drama drawn from the Bard’s most famous tragedy and playwright Meme García’s own life story. Told over a five episode arc Spanish and English are interwoven with Shakespeare’s Hamlet and García’s imagistic language in this multilingual audio drama about family, mental health, and the power of dreams.
Two concepts of house of sueños key art

#1 - Attic in the center with open boxes filled with chaos/black abyss, ghost rising from matches, tornado, wedding dress floating in the middle, pieces of dried flowers around, sitting on a puddle of water, ripped cloth hanging here and there.

#2 - A sparrow, ghost rising from matches, wave entering into the artwork, the attic is active and moving, boxes filled with chaos/unknown, water running down from the bottom of the attic

Each artwork into six squares per episode (one extra) to be released individually on social media and utilized for episode artwork within the podcast platform.

The artwork is drafted with very rough, almost messy sketch lines to set the scary, unstable, and eerie mood. Then it is finished with very minimum, low saturated/monotone color schemes for faded and dusty texture.
Final Key Art
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