Port of Subs, your neighborhood sandwich shop, hired Muse Group marketing agency for creative writing for copy and graphic design services for 2017-2018 campaigns. Some of the campaigns we successfully launched are "Party It Up with Port of Subs," "SUBthing 4 Everyone," and "Souper Deal." We created fun graphic designs that are unique to each campaign, but keep true to the corporate brand guideline. 
"Party It Up with Port of Subs" is a campaign for large-party / family-sized catering services during special occasions: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Years. 
Port of Subs' main gig is selling highly customizable, freshly-made sandwiches. Other than the veggie and seasonings, Port of Subs has more options to further customize their meals based on their own taste. They have healthier bread choices, a sandwich can be turned into a pita/lettuce wrap or a salad, and they offer their signature soup with their sandwiches as a deal during cold winter. The options were always there, just not spoken out loud. Muse Group turned the spotlight to these unique options, gave each campaign a name and a look, "SUBthing 4 Everyone" and "Super Deal." 
Port of Subs also came to Muse Group for developing their new royalty program using a point system. Muse Group came up with the name, "Port Perks" using alliteration to create a catchy, delightful name. The following graphics are created for pitching the idea to the corporate. 
Port Perks launched online with our copy writing last year.

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