The Great Seattle Arts Adventure is all-ages scavenger hunt style adventure game for teams to engage in activities related to arts and arts organizations in the Greater Seattle area. Teams join the game via a mobile app to complete missions for points. New missions will be released throughout the game. Teams earn points by answering trivia questions or by completing activities and submitting photos or videos. The missions are intended to be done at home or within a participant’s neighborhood boundaries to adhere to local stay at home regulations. Teams may join the game at any point, and anyone can play. Seattle Shakespeare Company is hosting the game on behalf of other participating arts organization and utilizes the Goose Chase platform to host the game.

15 Second promo video (motion graphic)

The main artwork is constructed in a grid with typography work and simple illustrations. The illustrations are kept generic in both art-related symbols and region-specific icons. For arts-related items, we have the theatre masks, ballet shoes, a piano, music notes, movie reel, a paint brush. Seattle-specific illustrations include: some greeneries, the sun, the mountains, the cityscape, an umbrella + rain, the Space Needle, a cup of coffee, technology, etc.

Various ad sizes // both print and digital

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