10 Torr Beer Can Label Illustration
10 Torr Distilling and Brewing is a local craft beer distillery bar in Reno, Nevada. They launched a flagship store selling some of their most popular beers in cans. Each craft beer   has an inspiration and a story behind the brewing. 
HAZEWAGON: 10 Torr's signature craft beer, loved for its unique, yet classical hoppy taste—a perfect companion (though never while driving) to take on a camping trip or an adventure in the wild on a classical van wagon.
SECRET COVE CERVEZA: If you are in Reno, a visit to Lake Tahoe is a must! Secret Cove is a nude beach in Lake Tahoe, where you can taste the real freedom, just like this Mexican-style lager, which is exceptionally tasty with freshly squeezed lime juice.
HOP TRAMP: Do you love David Bowie? 10 Torr sure does. We were inspired by one of his songs, "Rebel Rebel," taking after one of the lyrics, "Hot tramp, I love you so!"

Rebel rebel, you've torn your dress
Rebel rebel, your face is a mess
Rebel rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!
OH, HONEY!: This beer is bright, crispy, and perfect for a hot summer day in the desert. This beer is a regional masterpiece in collaboration with a local honey farm, who extracts from Nevada wildflowers.
Photo credit by 10 Torr

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