HUKILAU is a way of fishing invented by the ancient Hawaiians. The word comes from huki, meaning pull, and lau, meaning leaves. A large number of people, usually family and friends, would work together in casting the net from shore and then pulling it back. Hō'ola Nā Pua, a non-profit organization based in Hawaii, has a mission of renewal of trafficked girls through health, education, advocacy, and reintegration. The organization holds an annual event called the Pearl Gala. The year 2017 and 2018 share the theme of Hukilau symbolized by the gathering of Hawaiian community for a good cause. To connect the present and the past, old photos of the Hukilau, the people and the ocean scenery are gathered from magazines, reference books, text books, and essays. The photos were used to create collage pieces for various marketing materials for the annual event. 
health, education, advocacy, and reintegration.

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