Traditional Korean Confectionary 'Hangwa' Illustrations ● 2014
'Yeot' - Taffy made with steamed rice, glutinous rice, corn, sweet potatoes, or mixed grains.
'Dashik' -  Literally translated as "Tea Food." The bite-size confectionary is made with grain or seed flower and pressed into a decorative mold.
'Maejakgwa' -  Ribbon-cut cookie made with wheat flour and ginger. It is deep-fried and coated with honey and pine nuts.
'Yeongeun Jungwa' - Candied lotus roots.
'Gangjeong' - Candy bar made with toasted nuts, seeds, beans and puffed grains mixed with rice syrup.
'Yugwa' - Deep-fried puffy confectionary made with glutinous rice flour that is sweet and crispy. The outside is often covered in honey and then coated with ingredients such as toasted white and black sesame seeds, cinnamon powder, pine nuts, pine pollen, and puffed rice.
'Yumilgwa' - Deep-fried confectionary made by combining a wheat flour dough with various ingredients such as honey, cooking oil, cinnamon powder, nuts, ginger juice, jujube and rice wine. Also known as 'yakgwa.' 
'Gotgamssam' - Walnuts wrapped in dried persimmon (left)
'Yul-lan' - Chestnut cookies (right)

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