Miz_Container Branded Poster ● 2013
Illustrating the culture of Miz_Container and how to experience the service.
"ㅁ, ㅈ, ㅋ"  
How to use "ㅁ"
Scoopable cheese + potato pizza in a square dish, served with three different sauces, pickles and thin cut fries.
How to use "ㅈ"
Customers will be given a construction hat which has the waiting number written on it. 
Once the food is served, the server will give you a high-five as a sign of confirmation that they've safely delivered the food.
How to use "ㅋ"
Their signature dish is the pasta salad with fresh greens, onions, corn, mozzarella cheese and vinaigrette. 
Fork it til you work it.

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