Vineyard Town is the name of a small neighborhood in Jamaica, the childhood home of Lois. Now located in the busy streets of New York City, Lois has adapted the lifestyle of a bustling city. Her view of the world, however, still centers around this peaceful town, full of beautiful memories and the culture that shapes who she truly is. Vineyard Town as a business is about translating her experience and serving them to the world in a form of a shared space. The space will hold various pop-up style experience such as wine tasting, sound bath, yoga, meditation, and so many more. Lois strives to create an absurdly simple approach to what leisure can be--the antithesis of the glorification of a busy lifestyle. It is where you can experience the intensity of food, of sound and of nature in its simplest form. 

The esthetic of her branding centers around these keywords: equatorial, flow, lush, natural/raw, refined/sophisticated. 

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